Lunchtime Is All Yours: Oscar Meyer

Summer 1988 Oscar Meyer assembly line of 1,800 people in Madison, Wisconsin. Invention of Lunchables helped use up the bologna that was losing interest in American consumers. Bob Drane Invented the Lunchable. Hotel meeting room they called the “Food Playground.”

Lunchables flew off the shelves and had $218 million dollars on sales for the first year. However they lost $20 million because of expenses.

Drane joined Phillip Morris to help him continue to sell his product

Introduction to Fast Food.

Bologna Is very bad for you, so they introduced low fat turkey bologna and hot dogs made of chicken instead of beef.

“Montessori School” 15 person team Drane hired to bail out bologna and make it look good. They added Ritz round crackers along with their red meats. They then added processed square cheese. The shape of the box was a TV dinner, with places for each individual item.

BehaviorScan—A test to see if Lunchables were appealing to school children, or parents. Oscar Meyer picked a couple dozen families and tracked their spending habits and also exposed them to Lunchable commercials and the families loved it because they were weird and different.

Oscar Meyer did a talent search for a kid to sing their trademark song.

Weiner mobiles—Went around the country promoting their food. Started in Chicago 1883 by Bavarian brothers.

One slice of bologna had 3.5 grams of fat and 330Mg’s of sodium

5.7 billion to buy food giant. Geoffrey Bible merged food giant and tie expensive together.

Lisa Cain Talked down about Lunchables and said they are bad for you and Oscar Meyer responded by saying kids don’t eat them everyday and that they are no worse than what ever else is in their packed lunches

Uncooked pizza was a hit

Oscar Meyer ended up making new types of Lunchables like mini burgers and tacos and their sales reached close to 1 billion

60 varieties

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