Marketing Traps Reading

This reading was actually very helpful but also discouraging! I have always read those phrases on foods that sound good and are usually too good to be true. The biggest one is organic. Some packages say 100% organic, some say organic, and some have a particular ingredient that is organic, and they all mean different things. Another one that i never understood was free range chicken which should mean that chickens are roaming on the farm like the good ol’ days but no no, this just means they have “access” to free range but many live their whole lives indoors so they don’t go outside into the unknown. Finally, When buying fish, organic isn’t the right choice because their is no standard for fish. This article did teach me that wild salmon is better than farmed salmon, which is good to know.

I am definitely going to keep this article so I know which food labels I should trust and which ones are too good to be true.

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