Our National Eating Disorder

After reading “Our national Eating Disorder” it is clear to see that the author is very passionate not only about food, but the food industry as a whole. He is right, our food industry does have a new “fad” every other month it seems. One month everyone should blueberries and the next month they say to stay away from red meats. When these fads come they usually have a pretty big impact on consumers. I remember when I didn’t even know what a vegan was and now I can’t go a day without someone telling me that they are a vegan.

It disturbs me to know that companies have the ability to change the nutrition in their products as easily as they do. The author gives an example of how potato farmers were worried that people would stop eating them because of carbs but the chip industry just added more soy to their product to make it “healthier.” I have to say that when it comes to eating I also pick what I eat based on the nutritional facts. I count calories and try to stay away from things like saturated fat. It is very interesting that the French can eat what we see as unhealthy foods but remain healthier than us. This article was very interesting to say the least. Glad I read it.

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