Power At the Table

After reading “Power at the Table: Food Fights and Happy Meals” I took away some good points and, lets just say, some over-the-top points. The author has clearly done extensive research about families eating at the table. I agree with his idea that eating together as a family is a good thing. However, I believe he is overthinking the entire concept. He states in the article several times that he is confused as to why there hasn’t been any research on the topic, and my idea as to why is because families either do eat at the table together or they don’t. Personally My family never was into eating at the table together unless it was a special occasion, such as thanksgiving or a birthday. I have friends that eat with their parents almost every night and they aren’t better or worse than I am in my eyes.

The reason why I think the author dove too deep into the subject was because he started bringing up research about drug and alcohol that seemed a little excessive. When people choose to drink or smoke, it’s not because they didn’t eat with their family the night before, there are so many reasons as to why they chose to do those things. When I am older and have kids of my own, I am of course going to be there for them, but if they don’t feel like eating at the table every night, I will have no problem with that. When the author talks about how the families called him to do an interview about how they can’t get their kid to eat at the table or eat the food they make, I was saying to myself, “If they don’t want to eat at the table, then don’t make them do something they don’t want to do. Also, if they don’t want to eat the foods that you make them, then broaden your food selection, search for the food that they like.” I was a picky eater myself, but once I found the foods that I liked and not the ones that my parents necessarily like, I was fine.

All in all, I thought the article was okay, I just feel like the author is pushing this topic a little too far.

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