Social Media In-Class Presentations

Last Thursday we had multiple groups discuss several different social medias that are potentially useful for nonprofits and food advocacy groups. My group was in charge of explaining how YouTube would help those nonprofits. I think we did a good job by discussing how YouTube has its own nonprofit program and how videos are the best way to tell a story. The same goes for the other groups such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I know how to use Twitter and Instagram but I had never seen Pinterest before. I thought it was a little confusing at first but by the end I understood the basics of how it works. All in all, I feel like all these social media outlets will help improve our nonprofits but I think the biggest task will be to create awareness of the medias.

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  1. Johnny:
    Please include visuals in your posts — and LINKS to important things you showed us. The Youtube information for nonprofits, for example. Include that link. THEN do some reflecting about this information. HOW CAN YOUR GROUP use this information? Brainstorm about how you can make a youtube movie for Rampantry. I would love to see you take the LEAD on something here.
    This post is bare minimum. Use the blog to collect ideas so that you can document what you did for the project. I recall that you showed us a movie clip of another food bank (maybe?), but I don’t see it here. I should be able to go back to your blog and see your point of participation ideas, and reflection on the ideas/experience.

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