Three Short Readings from Social Media Collective

I really liked these three readings because they were all relatable to me. I especially liked the one about snapchat because they definitely hit all the right points of what makes it such a good app. The unsuspecting surprise that hides behind the door makes it an app that makes you truly appreciate whatever “it” is. The first article, “If You Don’t Like it Don’t Use it” was also appealing to me because a lot of people do choose to exit the social media world. I have thought of deleting my Facebook before because I am sick of how many ads and videos are on it now. The final article, “The Oversharer and other Social Media Experiments” was very intriguing. I liked the example the author gave of the students going home for spring break and acting especially nice to them and the responses that they got. I might try some of the experiments that the author listed, some of them sound like fun!

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