Teen Pregnancy & Weber

When reading the article “The States With the Highest Teenage Birth Rates Have One Thing in Common” I was learning a lot about society and nation. I knew that teen birth rates were dropping across America but I had no idea that it was because of abstinence education. Who would have guessed that states with abstinence-only education would have the highest rates of teen pregnancies!

In the beginning of the article, it was stated “teenagers who received comprehensive sex education were 60% less likely to get pregnant than someone who received abstinence-only education.” This is making complete sense to me now because they do not talk about the impact of having sex.

Relating this topic to Weber, he gives religion credit for shaping a person’s image of the world, and this image of the world can affect their view of their interests, and ultimately how they decide to take action. Does this relate to teenage pregnancies? Tying religion into teen pregnancy, is this why maybe teens who do not have a religious background or beliefs are more likely to get pregnant or are teens that are raised with religious beliefs likely to ‘act’ out and go against the rules and beliefs? I agree with Weber and the fact that religion does help shape a person’s image of the world and it can affect on how they act.

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  1. I wrote my blog on the same topic, but I didn’t think of religion as factor. Thats pretty awesome actually. Southern states tend to be more religious, hence I guess they dont really want to teach or preach safe sex. Weber certainly would see states that do teach in-depth sex education are part of a more secular society. That its more practical to teach kids than to deny them information.

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