Poverty blog

Poverty is the state of being extremely poor.  Millions of Americans face this problem in their everyday lives.  About 22% of children live in poverty that number will continue to rise.  Too many people blame the individuals for the socio-economic inequality from which they suffer.  The causes of poverty and inequality are no doubt real. It is the deeper and more global causes of poverty that are often less discussed.  The governments of poor nations and their people are powerless. As a result, a few people become wealthy, while the majority of the people struggle.  Around the world, in poor and rich countries, poverty is common in our society. In our society, inequality is really high and it will continue to go up.  Inequality is a measure of relative poverty and absolute poverty is also a concern. The new poverty line is defined as living equivalent to $1.25 a day. About 1.4 billion people live on or below that line in our world today.  Almost half the world, about 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day and at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. World hunger is the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger. World hunger is a terrible symptom of world poverty and world hunger is still a problem in our society today.


For kids living in poverty, childhood can be a struggle for these kids.  Our lives don’t guarantee medical treatments, having nice clothes to wear at schools and having our own education.  These kids’ futures are uncertain and it seems like our world has forgotten about these kids. Health problems can plunge people into poverty or keep people from escaping it, and those in poverty are more likely to suffer disease because of lack of treatment.  Every year, 6 million children die from malnutrition before their 5th birthday. Another reason why poverty has been rising is because of overpopulation. A lack of educational resources, coupled with high death rates, results in impoverished areas seeing large booms in population.  The United Nations has predicted that the forty-eight poorest countries in the world are likely to be the biggest contributors to population growth. Their estimates state that the combined population of these countries is likely to go up to 1.7 billion people in the year 2050. Poverty has been a major problem in our society for a while now.  I hope that our world can take action and we can reduce the poverty rates down significantly.

Lack of education blog

Our society has dealt with some serious problems for a while now.  One of the serious problems has to be the lack of education. Lack of education is a serious problem in our society because children struggle to get the education that they deserve.  This topic is very interesting to me because I wanted to figure how the lack of education is very detrimental to our society. Today, education is an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world.  More than 70 million children of primary education age are not in school and over 750 million adults are illiterate. Some causes of lack of education are poverty and financial deficit in developing countries. In developing and developed countries, children do not have access to basic education because of their inequalities.  If these children can not get a basic education, it can be vital to their intellectual and social development. Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds are forced to abandon education due to health problems related to malnutrition in order to help out their families. The next major problem for lack of education is financial deficit in developing countries.  Many developing countries do not have the financial resources necessary to create schools, provide school materials and get teachers. A lack of financial resources has an effect on the quality of teaching. Teachers, also do not benefit from basic teacher training and schools. This leads to classes where different educational levels are forced together which can not allow students to benefit from an education adapted to their abilities and needs.  So, the drop-out rate and education failure continues to go up.


Some other causes of lack of education are highly populated regions and how the education of girls are in jeopardy.  For highly populated regions, Sub-Saharan Africa is the the most affected area. Sub-Saharan Africa has over 31 million children who do not have a proper education.  Also, Central and Eastern Asia have over 26 million children who do not have an education. These regions must also solve continuing problems of extreme educational poverty.  In certain countries, such as Somalia and Burkina Faso, more than 50% of children have an education for less than 2 years. The lack of poor education can have a negative effect on the population and the country.  These children leave school without acquiring the abilities and needs, which can impact the economic and social development of these countries. Today, in our society, it is girls who have the least access of education.  They make up more than 50% of the non-schooled population in the world. Girls are destined to work in the family home, while boys are required to get an education. In Southern Africa, over 10 million girls are at risk of never getting an education.  Certain countries, such as Afghanistan and Somalia, make no effort to reduce the gap between boys and girls for education. For these developing countries, a lot of effort has to be made to achieve a universal primary education.

How does one navigate thinking and research through writing for an academic audience?

How does one navigate thinking and research through writing for an academic audience?  An academic audience is a reader with some educational background or understanding of writing.  For your paper, you should write well-thought out because the reader knows the expectations for the writer. Some of the most important things you should think about when writing, are the type of audience you have and what type of topic will interest you the most.  It is important for your paper, what type of audience you have, to try to connect with your audience. You have to try and connect with your audience, so they can understand where you are coming from. Your audience plays a key role in the way you write your paper. For example, you should always know who your audience is in order to convey the message appropriately.

You need to find a topic that interests you the most because there will be less stress on you when you have to start writing the paper. Some of my better papers have come from actual topics and subjects that I am interested in learning more about, or they are debatable topics I believe in.  For the research aspect of your paper, you should find scholarly sources to help you find informative information about your topic. These scholarly sources will help because a scholarly source is usually written by an author with an educational background. These articles have been written with intense research background and credible sources. These sources are useful because you can see another point of view from a well-known source. Most scholarly sources are written by people who have spent a good portion of their lives researching and collecting data on a particular topic. How does starting the research process with a question change the process itself?  When I write papers, I usually start off the paper with a question. I think I about questions that I want answered and I know that I can collect a good amount of research to back up my thesis. It is very difficult to do a research paper if you aren’t interested in the topic.having a question to start with really helps you guide the entire research process. Often researchers have to spend a considerable amount of time writing a research paper, there it becomes essential that they are I interested in the topic.I like starting papers off with a question because it can hook or connect with your audience.

College Tuition

The college tuition rate nowadays can be considered a major problem in our society right now.  There are several students around the world who have to take out loans for their college education.  If students have to take out loans, then after college, they start with a surplus of debt that is hard to overcome.  Since 1974, college tuition for private universities has tripled, now costing around $31,000 per year. While public universities, has risen four times since 1974.  For the average household in the United States, higher education is simply too much for the family. Approximately, 40 percent of students turn down their first-choice college because of financial reasons.  For private schools, a four-year tuition in 2015 was $134,600. In 18 years, that could increase to $323,900. Student loan debt in the United States has reached $1.2 trillion dollars. Federal student aid accounts for most of the college tuition increases from 1987 to 2010.  The problem is the more money students can borrow, the more colleges are able to charge. Colleges have increased tuition even more because they know financial aid can cover the difference. I think it is ridiculous how expensive colleges have become, and it isn’t just the tuition. Students have to cover the cost of books, room and board, spending money, technology fees, library fees, meal plans, etc…It has become overwhelming! I know so many of my friends who had to take a year or two off from college because they needed to work in order to pay for their tuition. I also know people who had to choose a 2 year college over a 4 year college  because their parents couldn’t afford it, nor could they get the loans they would need to pay for the 4 year degree. I think that is sad because there are a lot of good, hard working families that have children who deserve to get their college education where they want. But with the expensive rates of college going up every year, it’s hard for some families to make that happen for their child.


I think college tuition needs to be lowered, so students can get the education that they deserve.  If college tuition continues to rise, most high school graduates will not go to college because of the high expenses. I think spending over $120,000 for a college degree is outrageous, but seems to be the average amount nowadays. There has to be a better way.

Academic Integrity Blog

Academic integrity is the commitment of honest and moral behavior in an academic setting.  Academic integrity is used when researching and to provide credit to other people when using their ideas.  If you fail to acknowledge other people’s work, that is considered plagiarism. This used to be a hard part of the research process for me, but over the years I have found ways to make sure I paraphrase articles and make annotations while reading.  Ethical reasoning is when you identify and develop ethical arguments. When you are using ethical reasoning, you have to use academic integrity to provide credit if you used another’s work. Throughout this research writing process, I have been using other people’s work for my sources in my source play.  I made sure to cite the sources throughout the play, and make a work cited page to provide credit for other people’s work. The most difficult challenge that I had to face, was using Google scholar. I had use it briefly in the past, but never really looked for scholarly journals or articles as much as I did for this research project.  Google scholar helped me out a lot throughout the research part of this assignment. It helped me because it was easier to find sources and navigate on the website. I started to handle the challenge of using Google scholar by figuring out what keywords to type in to find the right sources. The best way to find the best sources, is to type in two keywords in quotes. When you type in two keywords, Google scholar gives you several sources to choose from.


I have learned a lot from this research process.  I have learned that you have to take your time when you are finding your sources.  It really is the most important part of the entire process. You have to dig around and really read the articles to see if any of the information is valid for you topic.  Usually, the first source you see, is not the best source to choose for your paper. Most of the time, you have to scroll through many sources to find the best source, and even then you may only use a small portion of the source. I feel like the more research based projects I do, I get better and filtering through sources on the internet and I am able to find important information from credible people. As tedious as it can be at times, academic integrity is important to a good, reliable and informational research project/paper.

Why I Chose VCU Blog

It’s the time of year when high school seniors are finding out whether they got into their dream school or not. Friends of mine who are still in high school are getting their acceptance letters, or their denial letters to colleges of their choice. I remember this like it was yesterday. I only applied to three schools, because I knew VCU was my first choice over all of them. I only live a little over an hour away from Richmond so I had visited this wonderful city many times with my family and friends. However, it wasn’t until my sister was a student here that I really was able to walk the campus and get a feel for what being a student at VCU would really be like. Whenever I visited my sister, I always liked how busy the campus life was. There always seemed to be something going on whether it was on campus or off campus. I never thought of myself as a “city” guy, although I have grown up going to many cities in the country and enjoyed the different cultures within the cities. I actually thought I wanted a big university, out of state, and with a huge football program. But when it came down to really making a decision on where I would study and live for the next four years, I kept coming back to VCU. So I was extremely excited when I got my acceptance letter this time last year.


It’s hard to believe how fast my freshman year has gone and I can’t believe it will be over soon. It feels like we were just here for orientation. I am so glad that I made this choice, and I have had a great time so far at my new “home”. I have met a lot of new people and I have had the opportunity to see and do so many things that I haven’t done before. The city of Richmond allows for us to get involved in so many activities like seeing a play, musical, watching a basketball game, visiting museums, bike riding through Monroe Park, and so many other things. I like that I can walk out of my dorm and be at any of the events within minutes. I am so glad that I made the decision to attend VCU. I knew that was my number one choice, but it wasn’t until I started living here and attending classes, that I realized how lucky I am to have everything a small city and college have to offer.

Unit 2 Project

For the Unit 2 project, we are writing a paper about a source play.  When I heard we were doing a source play, I was interested to see what exactly a source play was and how were we going to use our topic. This is the first time I have ever heard of a source play, not sure if anyone else has done one before.  When I first thought about what topic to research, I had to really look into the requirements of this project and try to understand how to create a source play.. The research question had to be about a topic or an issue that interested me and something that I do not know the answer to.  Finally, I decided to talk about social media and politicians. My research question was “Is it necessary for political leaders to hold social media accounts?” I think this is an interesting research question because I don’t know why politicians use social media accounts as much as they do, and I certainly don’t know why our society is so intrigue about how many “characters” a political leader used.


Once I started to do my research, I quickly found out that many political leaders all over the world use some form of social media to plug their campaigns, discuss their policies, talk positively or negatively on topics, or to just get their name out there to the public. Obviously we all know President Trump uses social media to try to build his brand.  He also, uses social media because it can help him with his campaigns and to try to change people’s views about him. As we have all seen over the years, Trump’s social media “game” isn’t exactly topnotch. He uses Twitter more than the average teenager I think. I believe some tweets are necessary and good, but the majority of them are very negative and can only hurt his reputation. It was interesting to me when I started to read up on these politicians and their social media accounts. Everyone from local officials to the Senate and Congress use some form of social media, as do several world leaders. However, it amazes me how many of those political leaders do not abuse their accounts or use it in a derogatory manner. In reading up on this topic, our president was the one that kept coming up in a negative light when talking about the way NOT to use social media in the political world. I can’t wait to see how this project turns out for me. I’m learning a lot and finding out more about our president and his “280 characters” on Twitter.

Selecting a Major

When I first thought about going to college I knew that I wanted to study something in the business field. However, I also knew that I wanted to be able to use my love for sports to be involved with that somehow. I thought about sports marketing, sports psychology, or sports law, but in reality, I knew these topics were very limited. When I applied to VCU I decided to go for the business degree. I figured that would be a large enough area where I could find a variety of topics (area of studies) to spark my interest. I also thought being a business major would open many doors for me in the corporate world.

Throughout the first semester of my college career, I realized that I had more of a desire to study accounting, not business. I have always enjoyed math, numbers, critical thinking and money! When I was younger I was able to solve math problems mentally and I always enjoyed trying to figure things out when it came to numbers. Now I’m not saying it ALL comes easy to me, but sometimes I just “get it” or I just “see it”. I think it would be very interesting to work in the financial industry as an account. I think I would enjoy working with numbers, processes and the economics of it all. I’ve always been very organized and meticulous about my personal stuff, and my family always jokes about how precise I have everything, know where everything is, and likes the organization of everything. It brings me some sort of comfort to be honest! I think these skills will come in handy when studying accounting.

I have heard this is a tough major with some pretty rigorous classes. It also will take longer to graduate as there are more requirements for an accounting major.  But I think I am up for the challenge. Numbers come easy to me, words…not so much. I think I will enjoy studying this field and hope to be able to find a job in the accounting industry once I graduate. Of course, that is my plan for now and hopefully this will not change. If I can get through some of the tougher courses in this major, I think I will do just fine. It’s hard trying to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at the age of 18 or 19. I hope I make the right decisions and can move forward to my goal.

Football Blog

Ever since I can remember, football has been a part of my life.  I grew up watching the sport and playing it through high school. I think one of the main reasons why football is such a big part of my life, is because my dad showed me the sport at a very young age.  For instance, when I was little, my dad and I would watch football games together. We would watch NFL and college football every weekend. My dad taught me the rules of the game, the players’ names, the stats that go with the game and we followed teams throughout each season.  That is when I started to realize that football would become my favorite sport. My dad played throughout his life and then was a very successful high school coach for many years. His dad, my grandfather, was also a big football fan. I know they wanted to instill the same feelings they got when playing and coaching into me and even my brother.  We have been to many football games and I have enjoyed everyone of them with my dad and brother.


When I was 7 years old, I decided that I wanted to play football. Since then I have played football for 11 years.  I played football all the way up to my senior year in high school. Throughout playing football, I have learned a great deal about not only the sport, but about being on a team. Football is not an easy sport. Not only is it physically exhausting, it can be mentally as well. Playing football in high school was tough at times. The season is long and we were required to put in a lot of work in the off season.  The season would start in July and end in December. After the season is over, we would start the offseason from December until June with weight lifting and drills. My high school was very serious about football as we had a history of having a winning program. Basically, if you wanted to play football at my school, you would have to fully commit to the sport. During my junior and senior year our team was very good! We went undefeated and ended up playing in the state semi-finals both years, but also losing both years. However, my senior year was probably the hardest to swallow. We wanted to win so bad, and I knew it was my last chance of ever playing this sport again. I didn’t want our season to end that day, but unfortunately it did with a devastating loss in the last minute of the game. It’s hard for me sometimes because I miss playing so bad. It was such a big part of my daily life. I was always playing the sport or working in the off season to prepare for the upcoming year. Luckily, I started playing here at VCU with the flag football team. It has been pretty fun so far and it gets me back in the game!

Unit One Project-Multimodal

The Unit 1 project that we have to do, is the multimodal project.  The multimodal project is a project that uses different modalities, or modes, to express a viewpoint. We had to use 3 or more modes in our project.  The multimodal project gives us a way to show our creativity instead of just writing a 4-5 page paper with a thesis and supporting details. I like that in a project!  I like how the multimodal project works because there is multiple ways you can make your project. You can make a powerpoint, poster, PSA, or a video. What I like about the multimodal project is how much meaning there is to the subject you are researching and creating.  You can make a small poster about school shootings and it could have a greater meaning to it based on how you use, and place, your modules.


My multimodal project is about school shootings in the United States.  I started off the project by looking up information and statistics about school shootings.  Then, after finding information, I started to think about what kind of project I wanted to do.  I started to think either a PSA or a video would be best for my topic. A PSA or a video would be great for my topic because I can show how sad it is in our country to have young people killing young people while the attend school. I also was able to use the PSA format to convey the importance of remembering these individuals and how their lives were cut short because of mentally ill people who were allowed to purchase firearms.  Some of the most effective PSA’s are the ones that have vivid imagines, important facts/statistics, and emotional meaning. If these areas are created effectively, then the audience can get the message loud and clear. I think I did that with my project. I had statistics of school shootings, information about how and why these horrific crimes took place, faces of the innocent victims, and then what we need to do to stop this from happening over and over in our country. One particular mode that I used to give my project the true effect that it needed, was the music and the faces of the victims. I think having that in this project made it not only creative, but meaningful and my point was made.


Overall, I have to say that I truly enjoyed this type of project. I’m not a strong writer and I think I was able to research my information and put together a very meaningful PSA video. I hope that we can continue to do projects like this one!