Selecting a Major

When I first thought about going to college I knew that I wanted to study something in the business field. However, I also knew that I wanted to be able to use my love for sports to be involved with that somehow. I thought about sports marketing, sports psychology, or sports law, but in reality, I knew these topics were very limited. When I applied to VCU I decided to go for the business degree. I figured that would be a large enough area where I could find a variety of topics (area of studies) to spark my interest. I also thought being a business major would open many doors for me in the corporate world.

Throughout the first semester of my college career, I realized that I had more of a desire to study accounting, not business. I have always enjoyed math, numbers, critical thinking and money! When I was younger I was able to solve math problems mentally and I always enjoyed trying to figure things out when it came to numbers. Now I’m not saying it ALL comes easy to me, but sometimes I just “get it” or I just “see it”. I think it would be very interesting to work in the financial industry as an account. I think I would enjoy working with numbers, processes and the economics of it all. I’ve always been very organized and meticulous about my personal stuff, and my family always jokes about how precise I have everything, know where everything is, and likes the organization of everything. It brings me some sort of comfort to be honest! I think these skills will come in handy when studying accounting.

I have heard this is a tough major with some pretty rigorous classes. It also will take longer to graduate as there are more requirements for an accounting major.  But I think I am up for the challenge. Numbers come easy to me, words…not so much. I think I will enjoy studying this field and hope to be able to find a job in the accounting industry once I graduate. Of course, that is my plan for now and hopefully this will not change. If I can get through some of the tougher courses in this major, I think I will do just fine. It’s hard trying to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at the age of 18 or 19. I hope I make the right decisions and can move forward to my goal.

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  1. when I was selecting my major, I was having a hard time debating if I wanted to do forensic psychology or forensic science. everyone always says your career should be something you enjoy, and I wanted to put away bad guys. im really good at science, so that’s what I made my focus about. at the end to make my choice, I chose the one that made more money.

  2. I am currently a business major, but I have no idea what I want to focus on. Im stuck between marketing and finance and like you said above there are a lot of rigorous classes like the 4 required online classes. Also, we don’t get into the business school until junior year so there still is a lot of time to decide. I have taken a variety of different classes this year to try and help me decide. I hope you find what interests you!

  3. It’s great to see someone with the same major as me. This blog was so relatable because some of my passion for accounting has come from how people say I am good at managing my expenses and everything. I’ve also heard it’s not one of the easy majors in the business fields but it will be worth it.

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