class activity

Science has provided the swiftest communication between individuals.   At the rapid rate we are creating new and better technologies for daily life, we will soon start to rely fully on our machines.   However, we imagine a world with many devices that will take away from our ability to do these natural human tasks without the help of outside sources.   Everyday, we are … Continue reading class activity

UNIV 200

I came across laurascoloringbook.blogspot while on thoughtvectors and related to a lot of the topics and ideas that she was stating. One of her questions was, “does connectedness promote deeper thinking?” Her answer to this was that in order to become a deeper thinker, you need to be connected at all times, and in touch with all intuitions. I completely agree. How are you going … Continue reading UNIV 200

Ethics Paper – Unit 3 Final

Transgender Students: Same Rights in Public Schools One of the most controversial topics in our nation today is the subject of gay marriage and allowing “unlawful” love between two people of the same sex. A subtopic of gay marriage is transgender students who are trying to “fit in” in more ways than one in high schools across America. Freedom from discrimination based on sex is … Continue reading Ethics Paper – Unit 3 Final

SI Reflection

Through my service-learning placement, I have learned countless number of things that I will carry with me throughout my journey as a student, and potential career holder. In this focused inquiry course, I have learned the concepts of collaboration and sharing ideas through the use of group projects and volunteering. I can bring my service-learning experience back to the classroom by continuing to be collaborative … Continue reading SI Reflection

Narrative Essay

Death Isn’t Always A Bad Thing When my grandmother passed away last September, I had feelings and emotions that I never knew I had. Her battle with Alzheimer’s was over, and I was relieved, to an extent. My grandmother never lived a simple life, growing up in Puerto Rico poverty during the 30’s wasn’t easy, being raised by her grandmother, and having to take care … Continue reading Narrative Essay

Argumentative Essay

Autism Linked with Vaccinations Parents of children in today’s society are much different than those of different generations. They have young children present in a time where technology is advancing rapidly and controversies involving these advances been brought to attention. What most parents don’t know, is that even though they are trying to protect their kids by vaccinating them, there are claims that vaccinations can … Continue reading Argumentative Essay