My name is Emily Mulhern and I am currently a student in the DPT program at VCU. I received my BS in Kinesiology from the University of Virginia, graduating a full academic year early. Additionally I competed at UVA in Division I cross country/track, where I received All-USTFCCCA honors and All-ACC honors. I am continuing my NCAA eligibility and competing for VCU while enrolled in the DPT program. My academic and athletic background has laid my foundation for becoming a successful physical therapist.

My clinical and personal experiences have shown me the value of inclusion, compassion, and empowerment in physical therapy. As an intern at the Fried Center for Advancement of Potential, I witnessed the intellectually disabled community defy societal limitations and prove their physical capabilities. I saw a man with down syndrome perform perfect push ups and a women with cerebral palsy and spondylothesis correct her curve through strengthening and stretching alone. At the UVA hospital, I got to work firsthand with hospitalized victims of the protest violence in Charlottesville, and I saw the importance of providing a safe space that transcends social barriers and guarantees equal treatment in a world that may not always do the same. Additionally, I have had a lifelong window into the lifestyle and intellectual culture of competitive distance running, and have gained an invaluable personal education in physical therapy. Supporting friends and teammates, I have seen it all: from eating disorders that disintegrate the body to overtraining syndromes that derail careers.  As a Division-I runner, I have also been through it all myself: fibularis tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, tibial stress fractures, metatarsal stress fractures, and (most recently) Jones fracture surgery. I understand the physical and mental aspects of injuries, what it takes to overcome these obstacles, and how to inspire others to overcome as well.

I look forward to the experiences and life long lessons that I will continue to build through my time at VCU. I hope to bring my unique perspective to the physical therapy world.


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