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As I finish up my first year of the VCU DPT program, I find this to be a great time to reflect on the growth I have undergone and the development that is yet to come.


When I first entered the program, I had a surface level idea of what the profession of physical therapy entailed. My only in depth experiences came from my time as a patient in sports physical therapy. I didn’t know the profession encompassed everything from cardiopulmonary to neurologic to ICU. Now after completing my first year of courses, labs, and a few clinic immersions, I have a greater understanding of all the possibilities physical therapy has to offer.


My path for the future has not changed. I still envision myself practicing in an outpatient orthopedics clinic that specializes in athletes, preferably in the states of California or Colorado. However I am now open to the idea of potentially practicing in an entirely new setting. I enjoyed the Parkinson’s lab way more than I expected. I found the impact I as a physical therapist could have on patients like the ones we worked with, could be life changing and impactful to a degree beyond that of an outpatient orthopedics clinic. I greatly look forward to my first full time clinical rotation this summer in which I will be introduced to inpatient neuro, specifically TBI patients. I look forward to growing as a physical therapist and experiencing a new form of physical therapy I have not had experience with. Who knows, maybe this will change my path. For now I am enjoying the process and open to the changes along the way.

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  1. Emily –
    I am glad that you are discovering all that PT has to offer. I have just returned from NEXT in Chicago and had a great time learning about some of the interesting things our colleagues are doing. Keep exploring!

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