Nugget from source

The new source I have found talks about technology and how it affects the environment. My topic for the inquiry project is how technology has affected the environment and what todays’ technological advancements are doing to preserve the world around us. For a long time technology and the resources necessary for their functions have been taking a toll of the Earth. In a study titled “Water Quality Dynamic Monitoring Technology and Application Based on Ion Selective Electrodes,” water shortage and water pollution are discussed, and new technology that could help purify larger masses of water, and help with distribution of clean water as well.  I have not seen a topic like mine yet, I hope someone takes an interest in my topic, because this affects everyone today.

I have seen some interesting topics from my classmates. I would like to find out more about how the credit card is advancing and the technology behind it. Technology is fascinating and there a lot of interesting topics being explored. Best wishes to everyone with their research!

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