Reflection letter

Andres Munevar

Mrs. Ellis

UNIV 111

December 4, 2014

Dear Professor Ellis,

The writing process of this final essay were very helpful and worth taking the time to complete. The most helpful piece of this process, in my opinion, was the oral presentation. It made you condense all your information into a presentation, which you could easily translate into a rough draft. Although I did not score the best on my synthesis essay, I still used it as a resource to gather up some expert voices for my final essay. Another useful tool was the writing center, the feedback I received from my tutor was constructive and productive. The technique that was the less useful was the focused writes. I was not able to get all my ideas down on a paper like that, I had all my ideas already organized and I could not really go any deeper. I do believe that I did my best work on this essay, and it was a big improvement.


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