Sound Events in Painting #1

At first glance, the image is exactly what you think it will be. After taking a closer look, I see that the dinner conversation upstairs isn’t so innocent. The woman standing up is holding an object in her hand, and her face looks stale. I imagine she is unaware of the girl on the stairs while polishing a glass in the air or examining a piece of cutlery. The two visible people sitting down are whispering softly to each other, perhaps about the actions of the women on the stairs. I can hear the hushed whispers of the two girls lost in the symphonic dinner conversation happening upstairs.

As dinner is underway upstairs, I can hear the women creeping slowly down the stairs. One foot is barely touching the floor, as her heavy satin dress sweeps across the stairs in a rustling motion. The smile on her face is evidence that she knows the couple around the corner cannot see her, but she is unaware that the two girls behind her can. I hear the short, low pitch hush she is expressing to the viewer as she continues to spy on the two around the corner.

The two people around the corner are positioned as if they were a couple, but body language says otherwise. I can hear him apologizing or pleading with her under his breath while she simply listens. Her silence is the loudest sound in the image. The fact that she isn’t looking at him is a sign that she is upset or discontent with the situation. I can hear the desperation in his deep voice displayed by the strong grip he has around her. I can hear her disapproval of his words by the way she is keeping her hands to herself.

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