Listening to the Soundscape Week 2

No. 2

Date Recorded: October 24, 2016

Title: Listening to the Soundscape Week 2

Name of recordist: Melika Zand

Place recorded: Outside of my apartment on Broad St

Distance from source: 3 or 4 yards away

Atmospheric conditions: Warm but a brisk morning breeze


Airplanes: 0

Car horns: 6

Cell Phone noises: 2


Additional observations:

Broad Street is usually very busy but this morning the construction was more than usual. It actually woke me up because my apartment overlooks the road. I usually tune the construction out but I decided to start the soundscape to observe every noise. They were drilling and sawing at the road, while also delaying traffic to move a construction vehicle. That is when I heard the two car horns. As I was on the sidewalk, I heard less cell phone noises and more of dogs walking. I never noticed the different trotting noises that different sized dogs make.

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