Listening Log #3

No. 3

Title: Listening Log #3

Name of recordist: Melika Zand

Date recorded: 10/31/16

Place recorded: Outside of my apartment on Broad St

Distance from source: A couple of yards away



Airplanes- 0

Car Horns-4

Cell phone noises-2


Other observations:

The construction on my street has increased due to renovation on a nearby restaurant. This morning I decided to listen to the beats of the different construction tools. The pounding of the drill into the cement had a rhythmic tone that felt almost musical. I felt as if the person operating the machinery probably needed to drill on a number count to maintain control of it. I listened to the drill stop every 10 seconds and continue on in 5 rhythmic beats. I drowned out all the other construction noises and was able to hear the harmony between the drill and the cement ground.

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