Nearly Done

Closing in on the last few details on my wiki project, and i find myself in a weird place. Half of me feels that I have done a lot with it and added what I could with what I found. The other half thinks more needs to be done, but I lack the resources and research to do so. Be that as it may I definitely brought this article to light in some ways. On our class wiki page you can see the articles that are being worked on and how many people have visited it. When I started it was 0, now it is in the 2000s, that has to count for something. It started out as a stub and i was hoping to get it up to at least a start class, but I am not sure how and when they decide to change an articles rating. Anyway, this will all be in my reflection.  Just thinking out loud here, but that’s what blogs are for.

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  1. the end of the semester and i am relieved to be done however i love the blog aspect gives me a chance to reflect on my days and not have the stress of an exact topic as it can be about how i feel and what i like about this class and our sessions

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