Text My Dream

For years, schools have used email as the primary way to contact with students. However, writing an email to professors or teachers is pretty frustrated to students, some do not even know how to write or where to start the emails. It leads them to not communicate with the professors which may end up getting a bad grade or failing the class because of the lack of explanation. As you see the video, you will know, it is already hard to write an email to your friends, it is even take more time to write to your professors. You have to consider a lot in respect, tone, words, language, etc. Students can feel awkward and heavy for keep doing a same thing over and over again when you email their professors for questions. Thus, it will eventually prevent students to take action to their classes to get good grades. In spite of all trouble emails can create to students, after it is not that bad of a way, it is just troublesome. My way to approach this text is like suggestions. I am not trying to say whether it is bad or good, but I just explain how it going to be tiresome to a portion of students. Thus, from there, I can burst my idea of video email into the research. A friendly suggestion with analysis can set people up with competitive mind automatically. They will start comparing which one is better with more contribution to students’ engagement between two communication ways. I try to tell them that we are good with either way, but why don’t we try the new technology one to more advanced for the good of schools and students? I guess when I dig in deeper in the topic, there will be more information showing up and will do its jobs of convince people more.

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