Panning for Nuggets 2

“Students might check on that e-mail communication from the university once or twice a week, and by that time there might be 200 messages,” Mr. Stoller says. “We let too many people go to the well with e-mails that aren’t targeted to a particular group.” (

“I never know what to say in the subject line and how to address the person,” Ms. Carver said. “Is it mister or professor and comma and return, and do I have to capitalize and use full sentences? By the time I do all that I could have an answer by text if I could text them.” (

“Thus spake Zuckerberg: “We don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be e-mail.”” (

All the nuggets revealed my topic perfectly. As the first one is telling me of how typical students react with emails. Students do not like email as it is an old fashion way to communicate. They are likely toward modern way to get in touch like instant messages, texting, Facebook, etc. Email is outdating because of its professional structures but lack of visual elements. The second nugget points out the very important problem that students have to deal with email. Email costs both energy and time consuming since it required students to think through so much trouble just for simple questions. Students rather text since it is a fast, convenient and interesting way of communication. In the end, the last nugget gives me an expected solution/ answer for the whole problem dealing with email in collegiate level. As it is, if possible, email still has a long way to catch up with 21st century students whereas technology develops every second.

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