Project: Prospectus

  1. Your observations so far as you have started your research on your topic, and why you think these observations are interesting and significant.  (We can call this a rationale for study.)

_ So far, I got a good and encourage comments about my Inquiry Project about video email system in school. Couple classmates told me that I should insistent in conduct this research no matter how hard it is, while others told me that this is a new topic that not a lot of people think of, and I should do it. Also, as far as I notice, not a lot of students are interested in formal email which sounds pretty boring and plaint. The technology is developing days after days and school should catch up with new way of communication rather than sticking up with email system that had already been there for decades.

_ These observations are interested because it makes my topic become more significant and meaningful in which urges me to try harder in writing a good paper. Also, in communication, the book encourages people to seek for more visuals which means richer communication and easier to build close relationships.


  1. What you have found out so far with your research (We can call this a preliminary review of research.)

_ There are couple main things that I found so far in my research:

+ Students hate writing emails to their professors

+ School is boring thing. Email is boring thing. It goes together (College sophomore commented)

+ Professors do not want to be friends with students in Facebook because they do not want to see what they can avoid

+ Students do not check their email frequently as they should, some of them do not even realize that they have a college email account

+ Students want something more interested and fun rather than a plaint messages

+ Educators try to get in touch with students using their preference of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

+ Students consider writing email is time and energy consuming

ð  All of these things imply that email is outdate and needed to be replaced with more advanced way of communication which sparks interested in students but still their professional styles => video email comes in role

_ So far, there are couple professors and educators using videotaped feedback to their students and it is very efficient. Students like it as long as it is not too long

_ UNIV 200 used video email to inform students about the concept of Inquiry Project and what we do out of it

_Suggestion to better communication tools, something like video email, or skype, or google hanging out.


  1. What you believe is important to understand about your findings thus far (We can call this a problem diagnosis.)

_ I believe that email is boring, plain and outdating due to modern technology. Schools and professors should try more dynamic way to get in touch with students like skype, google hangout. I know that professors usually have office hours; however, not a lot of students stop by their office to asking questions even though they are concerned. However, if they can have online office hours in which students make friends with them by one of those methods, and call them to have visual meeting during those office hours. It is very quick, easy, and efficient. Video email is an addition to that in which adds more visual communication way that makes students and professors’ life easier.


  1. Your explanation of what you ultimately want to show with your complete investigation (We can call this your potential thesis.)

_ What I truly want to show after my investigation is that email is outdated and schools should seek for more advanced communication tools to reach out to students while technology develops days after days. I want to write an impress paper in which schools and educators will consider to any of my suggestions. It is not good to let students failing their class just because they do not check their emails. The ultimate goal of school is to make sure that students graduate on time by preventing these types of problems.

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