Link to Connections (Friday, 07/18/2014)

ColinMC20: I see that he has the similar thought with me as he links to this thought pretty well. He talks about cell phone and he knows pretty sure that the emotion side affect of technology could be split into two category. One is negative and other is positive. He knows and expert on his topic that there is a stronger argue on one side of the problems, and he will probably cross over one more than the other. Thus, he has the same ideas as me as we both want somebody to happen reading our paper and give out comment or critical thinking. We somewhat share the same category since he is talking about how technology impacts on emotion sides while I am trying to show that with the technology nowadays, communication system within schools can be better. We both fall under the big umbrella of the relationship between psychology/ sociology and technology. He is more about the inside of the person while I am more of outside in the communication way. Emotion and visualization are two big factors in communication.


M1ke: After reading his future thought, I think he will write a good paper. I can feel his passion throughout the fact that he wants to prove to us of how tracking technology is useful to human, especially those who has chronic diseases. He also knows his topic very well. I see how he connects his thought with his topic. Plus, he can relate the problem to himself as well since tracking devices is helpful to everyone, and increasing exercise will get better in result for any health/ fitness goals. He is getting there. Also, I think that we somewhat share a similar category as we both talk about outside factors that is good and could improve our life. They are there to make life easier to human. They are inventions, thoughts, and ideas that other people have spent their life to make it happen. We use the good of what out there and apply them to our life to make it more interesting and easier.


Thought from a Unicorn: It seems like she wants to write about the good side of Facebook. She wants to look at facebook in the different way and make the best out of it. I am not so sure I understand her topic well, but her writing makes me feel that she is getting there. She knows what she wants to talk about. By look at the picture in her “future thought,” she seems to write about how people use facebook to show another self. There are people who are very social on facebook but intimated in real life. It seems like a psychology/ sociology side of the problem. Thus, I feel like we have close related connection in our thought as we both fall under the same category of psychology/ sociology and technology devices.


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