Some Assembly Required

Spake Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, said “we don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be e-mail” when his company release its messaging platform (Inside Higher Ed). His statement implies the fact that email will be outdated soon. There are many factors that lead to the end of email, but the major one is its structure. In Domics’ Youtube video about Email, he points out through his demonstration video; it can take students hours to write an email because they do not know what to start with. They do not know how to address their professors so that sounds like “an email” but still reveals their personalities. Plus, since college students (younger generation) get used to text language so much, they felt awkward to write real language. The “formal idea” of writing an email also creates pressure upon students. Some of them actually give up on writing professor email. Behind grade, email seems to be a biggest problem to college students. In fact, Mr. Jones, a professor at the University of North Caroline who helped to write the first code for the university’s first e-mail program, admits that he gives up on email in 2011. Now to him, “email is like sinkhole where knowledge goes to die” (NY Times).

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