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Sharpening My Tools

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Nugget Curation

Here is the link to my nugget curation. Instead of writing paragraph about them, I make a mind map of how they are all relative to my primary text of video email.



I add more links to my mind map as they are my new thoughts and ideas about the project. It also includes the new ideas from the recent nugget. I am not using five sources, but I have more connect between my primary text, my sources and my ideas than I thought I would.


Diigo Dynamics

Being aware of my new topic, I am not hoping that I will find a lot of useful resources for my inquiry project. However, I still look into that Diigo page. After skimming over about 500 links, I did not find any sources that I could apply to my topic. However, I do see some relevant sources that I may use as reference since my topic is pretty new, so there will not a lot of available sources for me anyway.  Those sources are mostly about social media that allows the users to use video message like Skype. Just like “Blue Cruise” mentioned to me before, I probably have to use information from Skype to write a research about how it is useful and make a reference toward education aspect. However, since it is uncertain, I will not give out specific sites or links.