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Filling My Toolbox

  1. Doug Engelbart, Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framwork
  2. Theodor H. Nelson, Computer Lib, Dream Machines
  3. Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, Personal Dynamic Media
  4. Courtney Rubin, Technology and the College Generation


  1. Katherine Mangan, As Student Scatter Online, Colleges Try to Keep up


  1. Steve Kolowich, How Will Students Communicate?


  1. Elaine K. Yakura, Learning to See: Enhancing Student Learning through Videotaped Feedback
  2. Pamela Sherer and Timothy Shea, Using Online Video to Support Student Learning and Engagement
  3. Multiple authors, The Use of Video Technology for Providing Feedback to Students: Can It Enhance the Feedback Experience for Staff and Students?
  4. Robert R. Weaver and Jiang Qi, Classroom Organization and Participation: College Students’ Perceptions