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Interior Design

  1. What is typically understood about your topic, providing necessary background of the issue.

_ Email is outdated and students hate email. Although email has been a typical way to communicate around higher education, students are driving it out by its lack of visualization and boredom. Professors and other staffs hardly grasp students’ attention and their demand in the way of communication. Email is boring and school is boring; they go together and students hate it.

  1. What you find problematic about the typical understanding of your topic, and why this problem is significant to understand.

_ Students are not interested in email which cause problematic because most of their professors and staffs expect them to use and announce the change within the classroom through email. This is significant because if it is going to continue in the long term, students and professors can’t find their common ground way to communicate anymore which means the quality of education go down.

  1. How the research you’ve conducted weighs in on (2) and helps frame how you understand the issue at hand

_ Professors can get students’ attention to their announcement by using more visual communication tools which are more affective, interested, and fun. It also helps to promote building the professional relationship within the schools. Online video feedback could be one of them. It has been proved to be effective on students. Professors can also offer online office hours using Google hangout+ or Skype, which is very consideration to commute students and those who are physically distance from their office or schools. Offering receiving text messages or set up a class facebook, twitter page to make announcement could be a good ideas. The solely importance ideas is that to make students not get bored of schools through communication.

  1. Your thesis; what you think people should embrace instead of (1) given (2) and (3).

_ Email is outdated and schools need to improve their communication system to meet up with students’ demand on technology and interest.

  1. The main points of your argument you wish to address demonstrating why (4) and the support you have for these points.
  • Email is outdated
  • Visualization and communication
  • Technology and its role in higher education
  • What do students want?
  • Suggestion

Project: Prospectus

  1. Your observations so far as you have started your research on your topic, and why you think these observations are interesting and significant.  (We can call this a rationale for study.)

_ So far, I got a good and encourage comments about my Inquiry Project about video email system in school. Couple classmates told me that I should insistent in conduct this research no matter how hard it is, while others told me that this is a new topic that not a lot of people think of, and I should do it. Also, as far as I notice, not a lot of students are interested in formal email which sounds pretty boring and plaint. The technology is developing days after days and school should catch up with new way of communication rather than sticking up with email system that had already been there for decades.

_ These observations are interested because it makes my topic become more significant and meaningful in which urges me to try harder in writing a good paper. Also, in communication, the book encourages people to seek for more visuals which means richer communication and easier to build close relationships.


  1. What you have found out so far with your research (We can call this a preliminary review of research.)

_ There are couple main things that I found so far in my research:

+ Students hate writing emails to their professors

+ School is boring thing. Email is boring thing. It goes together (College sophomore commented)

+ Professors do not want to be friends with students in Facebook because they do not want to see what they can avoid

+ Students do not check their email frequently as they should, some of them do not even realize that they have a college email account

+ Students want something more interested and fun rather than a plaint messages

+ Educators try to get in touch with students using their preference of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

+ Students consider writing email is time and energy consuming

ð  All of these things imply that email is outdate and needed to be replaced with more advanced way of communication which sparks interested in students but still their professional styles => video email comes in role

_ So far, there are couple professors and educators using videotaped feedback to their students and it is very efficient. Students like it as long as it is not too long

_ UNIV 200 used video email to inform students about the concept of Inquiry Project and what we do out of it

_Suggestion to better communication tools, something like video email, or skype, or google hanging out.


  1. What you believe is important to understand about your findings thus far (We can call this a problem diagnosis.)

_ I believe that email is boring, plain and outdating due to modern technology. Schools and professors should try more dynamic way to get in touch with students like skype, google hangout. I know that professors usually have office hours; however, not a lot of students stop by their office to asking questions even though they are concerned. However, if they can have online office hours in which students make friends with them by one of those methods, and call them to have visual meeting during those office hours. It is very quick, easy, and efficient. Video email is an addition to that in which adds more visual communication way that makes students and professors’ life easier.


  1. Your explanation of what you ultimately want to show with your complete investigation (We can call this your potential thesis.)

_ What I truly want to show after my investigation is that email is outdated and schools should seek for more advanced communication tools to reach out to students while technology develops days after days. I want to write an impress paper in which schools and educators will consider to any of my suggestions. It is not good to let students failing their class just because they do not check their emails. The ultimate goal of school is to make sure that students graduate on time by preventing these types of problems.

Questing My Dream

I have to travel solo, it is not because I want to but I have no choice. My topic which is about “video email and email in education” is so different with other classmates who mostly talk about the effect of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I aware that video email is somewhat under social media category, however, instead of for everyone, I tend to make video email specifically for education category only. I want to find a way to show people that video email is formal in an informal way and it is suitable for education environment. Thus, I find my topic and purpose have nothing common to what others classmates does (That’s why I could not really do homework for Thursday 06/26/2014). Also, I acknowledge that I usually have different ideas and ways to procedure things compared to others. I am uncertain that the difference is for my good or not, but it is a big invisible wall that separate me from others, therefore, I prefer working alone for my good to finish the project and pass the class with high color.


Dreamers Unite

I am very honest in all mean, so I will write this post honestly. I don’t think that I learn a lot from this class so far. I don’t like writing, and now I have to write every day within limited time to 11:59pm. However, I admit that my critical thinking skills have improved a lot as I learn how to approach in different way depending on the assignments. I try to interpret it meaningful and thoughtful as much as I can, however, there are a lot of times that I get lost in reading others’ post and give common comments. I learned how to connect my primary text together with others’ pieces. It is very hard and sometimes I felt like it does not make a lot of sense to me. Plus, I don’t like doing blogs since I more consider blog as a tool to do homework rather than a page to associate and chat with my classmates. Personally, I like twitter more although I don’t use it much. I like to post some thoughtful videos up in twitter and hope someone will notice it. However, so far, there is none and it is pretty disappointed me.

About my inquiry topic, I pretty like the path I am heading to although it is pretty risky to me as I am in the middle of nowhere. I need a professional comment and give me advise on my topic. I hope that the professor will give me one soon enough for me to starting and finish my project on time within the topic of my interest. I like to work on this topic because VCU email is boring to most VCU students as some do not even bother to check theirs. However, to me, it is fascinating; likely I check my email hourly with the hope to read a new email. It is not like I am waiting for anything; I just like to receive email. It makes me feels like I was being surrounding by people who actually care for me somehow. In that sense, I want other people to have the same feeling with me by making newsletter update more interesting to them by video emails. It is very important to study this to make sure that students use the best approach to their professors for their questions or concern. Also, they need to get more involved in campus through newsletter updates. The mean of the university is to give the students the best way to convey their knowledge, thus, maintaining the relationship between students and professors electrically is necessary and needed for attention. Lastly, if it is frustrating to write a email, why don’t we try a new thing to address our ideas through video email? It is always worth to shoot a try, plus it will be fun since it is all about recording yourselves talking 😀

Extending My Dream

I have some tags like #educationcommunicationtools, #cooperation, #advanced communication, #professional approach, #studentengagement. However, I choose #educationcommunicationtools and #studentengagement over others because email is a very important communication tools within education as it allows teachers and students to exchange ideas, questions, and concerns outside the classroom. However, it still needs to be formal which is not so appropriate if we use video email. Therefore, there will be an argument rising up here; a tie needs to be resolved by researching. While, #studentengagement is about how students gets involved in campus and school through newsletter updates. It will explain how video emails get more students’ attention rather than boring emails. These two tags are mostly covered all of my concern about the topic, and it could ends up giving me a brand new question that could be served in a broader sense. What is the relationship between student engagement and education communication tools?


The Interpretation of Dreams

Accordance to the video and what I have experience myself so far, there is a pattern in writing email for everybody. First people consider the tone in their writing; second they reread their email to make sure words are appropriate and make sense but still have something that reflects their personalities. However, the process to do those two steps is bothersome. As in the video, Domics takes more than an hour to find a way to say greet his friend and tell her that he is free. He considers a lot in how to write it within an appropriate tone in which he neither sound hyper nor tired. He just wants to sound like himself; he also does not want his friend to feel boring reading his email. It is hard to find words that are right to his ideas. Thus, it soon becomes tiresome. There is so much things that we have to think to just answer a simple question. This is when video email comes in hand. With video email, you can easily address your message that can show people yourself and make them interest in what you try to say. It is very easy to say “hey, I am free, let’s do it” in video email rather than email. Also, with video email, ones can express themselves easily with full of face expression, hand motion and smiles. There is no need to imply any punctuation because people can see the tone right away. Unless you are trying to write a fake email with fake expression, video email is the better way to approach people with a friendly expression within simple talk.

Text My Dream

For years, schools have used email as the primary way to contact with students. However, writing an email to professors or teachers is pretty frustrated to students, some do not even know how to write or where to start the emails. It leads them to not communicate with the professors which may end up getting a bad grade or failing the class because of the lack of explanation. As you see the video, you will know, it is already hard to write an email to your friends, it is even take more time to write to your professors. You have to consider a lot in respect, tone, words, language, etc. Students can feel awkward and heavy for keep doing a same thing over and over again when you email their professors for questions. Thus, it will eventually prevent students to take action to their classes to get good grades. In spite of all trouble emails can create to students, after it is not that bad of a way, it is just troublesome. My way to approach this text is like suggestions. I am not trying to say whether it is bad or good, but I just explain how it going to be tiresome to a portion of students. Thus, from there, I can burst my idea of video email into the research. A friendly suggestion with analysis can set people up with competitive mind automatically. They will start comparing which one is better with more contribution to students’ engagement between two communication ways. I try to tell them that we are good with either way, but why don’t we try the new technology one to more advanced for the good of schools and students? I guess when I dig in deeper in the topic, there will be more information showing up and will do its jobs of convince people more.

Dreaming with Groupthink

After reading through all these posts in the wiki, I notice that Yursa Ahmed, Jala Farquhar, Camille Lapid are talking about the convenient Internet based social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Although they choose different social media, they all explain how good it allows people get in touch with each other within a second. Not only for social interaction, they also list down how it helps them reach their professional career as well by follow a page or tag and retweet post. I see that I am a little bit different from other of my classmates, as they mostly talk about social media while I am more interested in email –traditional and professional long distance communication, and how good it is. However, I am not sure whether I want to study mine or any of my classmates. They do not spark any interest in me at all including mine. To be honest, I do not like to talk about technology since it is a two sided problem as it is not truly bad but not truly good either. It always falls into the middle area, and I don’t like it at all.

Reporting My Dream

As I said in my “What Will I dream?” post, I am really concern about checking my student email. I am aware that email is the most common way that the professors, schools, advisors, employers, staffs, etc. use to get in touch with me; therefore I am serious in reading and replying their emails as soon as possible. Plus, because I want people to answer my email quickly, I try to do the same to them. If I can’t take advantage of the fast access through the Internet, there is really no point using the Internet. Also, through answering emails quickly, I feel that I am being respectful to whoever sends me the email since it can probably be an urgent problem or question that they really want to me to answer. However, even it is just a mass emails to the whole school, it is still much better than those who never check their emails (no offense). Lastly, the last reason that I am interested in emails because of the VCU Free & For Sale page, I love to skim through all the things that other students sells and see if there is anything that I need. It gives me good feeling when I buy a good stuffs at the cheap price 😀 #Reportingmydream and #Dreaming.

What Will I Dream?

It is so hard for me to write this blog since my habit of using Internet changes very frequently depending on my schedule. I don’t really know where to start honestly, so I am just going to write about what I mostly do with the internet recently when I am alone and have free time. Every day, no matter I am in my phone or laptop, the first thing I always do is to check my student email through http://www.vcu.edu/. I am fascinated with email regardless it is deleting old emails or reading new emails. They are all interesting things to do. Also, through email I can learn whether there are good stuffs selling on VCU Free & For Sell page. I love looking for cool and cheap used stuffs because I will live in the dorm next semester, and I have financial limited, so new stuffs are out of question. After all the email things, I usually check my Facebook, mostly because of the VCU Free & For Sell page. Then that’s all. I am done with the Internet (: It sounds so unreal, right? But it is true since I don’t like to involve into Internet based social media unless it is required. To me, those things are boring and fake. I prefer face to face interaction because it is more efficient and easier for me to express myself. Plus, I am unwilling to sacrifice my sleep to those social media 😀 (As I said before, the way I use Internet may be different later but right now at a student with 7 summer classes and two jobs, there is no way I will stay up late for those thing)