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Interior Design

  1. What is typically understood about your topic, providing necessary background of the issue.

_ Email is outdated and students hate email. Although email has been a typical way to communicate around higher education, students are driving it out by its lack of visualization and boredom. Professors and other staffs hardly grasp students’ attention and their demand in the way of communication. Email is boring and school is boring; they go together and students hate it.

  1. What you find problematic about the typical understanding of your topic, and why this problem is significant to understand.

_ Students are not interested in email which cause problematic because most of their professors and staffs expect them to use and announce the change within the classroom through email. This is significant because if it is going to continue in the long term, students and professors can’t find their common ground way to communicate anymore which means the quality of education go down.

  1. How the research you’ve conducted weighs in on (2) and helps frame how you understand the issue at hand

_ Professors can get students’ attention to their announcement by using more visual communication tools which are more affective, interested, and fun. It also helps to promote building the professional relationship within the schools. Online video feedback could be one of them. It has been proved to be effective on students. Professors can also offer online office hours using Google hangout+ or Skype, which is very consideration to commute students and those who are physically distance from their office or schools. Offering receiving text messages or set up a class facebook, twitter page to make announcement could be a good ideas. The solely importance ideas is that to make students not get bored of schools through communication.

  1. Your thesis; what you think people should embrace instead of (1) given (2) and (3).

_ Email is outdated and schools need to improve their communication system to meet up with students’ demand on technology and interest.

  1. The main points of your argument you wish to address demonstrating why (4) and the support you have for these points.
  • Email is outdated
  • Visualization and communication
  • Technology and its role in higher education
  • What do students want?
  • Suggestion