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Investigators Assemble

  1. Doug Engelbart, Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framwork: : Visualization is very important in communication. This is what I try to prove that email is outdated.
  2. Theodor H. Nelson, Computer Lib, Dream Machines: remotely related to the topic, as video email and other online tools makes it easier for the students to communicate with their professors. It will drive out the ideas of “experts does not like to give straight answer”
  3. Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, Personal Dynamic Media: Make me realize that there are two types of communication which is active and passive
  4. Courtney Rubin, Technology and the College Generation: Email is outdated and boring. Students have no interested in email, and usually miss their class announcement because of not checking their email daily


  1. Katherine Mangan, As Student Scatter Online, Colleges Try to Keep up: As students do not like email, they are moving away from the schools and their professors’ announcements. Colleges and University do their best to keep up with students through other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


  1. Steve Kolowich, How Will Students Communicate? The way students will communicate later is very different with the old generation. And definitely email is not one of those communication way listed on the research.


  1. Elaine K. Yakura, Learning to See: Enhancing Student Learning through Videotaped Feedback: Videotaped feedback gives students the better chance to understand what the professors try to feedback of their questions.
  2. Pamela Sherer and Timothy Shea, Using Online Video to Support Student Learning and Engagement: include how good online video can help students to study and indirectly lead to the end of email
  3. Multiple authors, The Use of Video Technology for Providing Feedback to Students: Can It Enhance the Feedback Experience for Staff and Students? Another website about the enhancing online
  4. Robert R. Weaver and Jiang Qi, Classroom Organization and Participation: College Students’ Perceptions: different perception of students in the classroom by different technology devides