Summary/Background: A source I have for my unit 2 projects so far is an article on how much pollution has gotten in the Philippines in the past couple decades. The population has increased to around 12 million people just in the capital of the, Manila. More people in the area means more pollution will be created and put out towards the atmosphere. The use of transportation, factories, and even burning of fossil fuels are all put out and can harm the environment mentally and physically. There are around 2.2 million vehicles stuck in traffic everyday and this puts out so much pollution. According to the World Health Organization, concentrations of lead are three times more common than other pollutants that covers throughout the atmosphere. A legislation is attempted to be passed which shall reduce industrial emissions, enhance recycling, and possible removing cars 15 years or older in the environment. These are some ways that may potentially reduce the amounts of air pollution in the area. With pollution in the atmosphere, it can cause health effects to people and especially babies or newborns. Many babies were sought to have some type of respiratory illness and the health of the atmosphere is probably what cause this to occur. In the next couple decades, the population may see around 75%-100% of total concentrations of air pollution let out.

Analysis: Areas like the Philippines should take care of what they put out into the atmosphere. Many people are having health complications and basically threatens the lifestyle of these individuals. The cause of this problem is the people because without the people, there wouldn’t be this chaos in the community. This source explains information towards how Manila is experiencing with this problem and the effects it has for the population. It dives into the main points of an estimation of how much air pollution has been set out. Although, it does not greatly describe and specific legislations or like how the solutions can actually work and how they will be added towards the environment.