My take on the “Thinker”

This post stood out to me for a number of reasons. I believe what captured my attention was how casual the blogger spoke. Reading the blog post was almost like holding a conversation with a 12 year old. The second thing that made this post so interesting to me, was how little interest the blogger has in using the internet. In this day and age, nearly every teenager and young adult uses the internet to connect to their peers through social media and to stay updated on current events. The blogger literally says that he/she uses the internet mainly to see what items students are selling or giving away at VCU… I’ve honestly never heard of anything like it. I also can’t even fathom how the student could be successful while taking seven summer classes and working two jobs. Just reading this post made me want to get know exactly who the student is, he/she seems to be an abstract thinker.

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