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This course, to me was a lot like going to an art museum. When the course began, we started with assignments that were surface level and allowed us to reflect on our own lives. The assignments were fun, easy to understand and relateable. The amount of thought needed in order to complete the assignments was very minimal. This is much like going to an art museum and starting off in an exhibit of paintings of well known cartoons or paintings of a celebrity. Here the artwork is fun and we can understand it because we have seen the subjects outside of the museum. Not much thought is needed into understanding the deeper meanings of the paintings simply because there is no deeper meaning.

Then we moved along to the readings. Given that many of the readings were not written in this decade, we were required to turn on our reading comprehension skills. For me personally, I found the readings difficult to get through. They were extremely long and the diction in some of them threw me completely off. I had to use context clues sometimes in order to understand enough to pull out nuggets that I could talk about. This to me is much like looking an abstract painting that is hard to understand. The more you look at it, the more you see that there is an amazing deeper meaning within the painting, however you just can not quite grasp what it is. You start looking at little things here and there within the painting that can help you put together what the painting might actually mean. Being asked to pull out a nugget from a reading is equivalent to somebody asking you “hey what do you think this painting means? ” or “how does this painting make you feel?” In the end there really is no right or wrong answer, it is all based on your own personal interpretation.

Finally, we made it to the main featured exhibit, the Final IP. All the assignments that led to the Final IP were smaller exhibits that related to the featured exhibit, but were not exactly the main attraction. The Final IP was like the exhibit that make flyers for that will only be in the museum for a limited amount of time. This is what most people came to see.

Overall, my experience with this class has not been the best. Even though in reality I enjoy art and museums, for the purpose of this metaphor I am a preteen who was dragged along on the family trip to the museum and I am disinterested by nearly everything that I see. With this class, I found it very difficult to be engaged in this class. Even with my Final IP which was on a topic that I eventually would like to have a career. As a student at vcu, I am an extremely abstract thinker. I do not do well in environments that are not hands on, or one on one with my instructor or peers (sometimes; I am not too fond of group projects). In addition, I do not do well when it comes to a lot of direction and rules. This class was filled with them. I find it that I can be a great writer when I am given little direction, however I know that this is something that I will have to get over since many of the writing done in college is structured. This class has been a learning experience for me and I am now ready to leave the museum.


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  1. Nadia,
    I am not so sure you didn’t have “little direction” in the IP. Yes, you had to go to those “little exhibits,” — simply because you couldn’t understand the big exhibit without spending time in the smaller exhibits. But you were in charge of your IP topic, the research you collected, the personal narrative that you were to select to open your IP (beta introduction). These leading-up-to-the-exhibit assignments had a loose structure, but how you approached them, what you chose to collect and use to make your argument, was all on you, all YOURS.
    I know that you decided that online learning wasn’t the path for you — you needed face to face interaction. I think learning this lesson was important for you. At the same time, the course structure offered you lots of space to try out new things, if you chose to do that.
    I will say that because you were behind the entire semester, your experience in the class of course felt like you were being dragged along. It’s like you entered every exhibit after it had been dismantled and already carted away. Because you didn’t complete the assignments with the rest of the group, you missed some of the experiences of peer interaction, which may have helped you feel more connected.

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