Prospective Graduate Student Researchers

If you are a current or prospective VCU M.S. or Ph.D. student interested in pursuing research at the intersection of nanotechnology and toxicology, then we want to hear from you. Please contact Dr. Lewinski (nalewinski(at) to set up a Zoom or in person chat.

Prospective Undergraduate Student Researchers

There are a number ways that you can get involved with our research group over the summer or during the academic year. Formal research programs that you can pursue include the NSF REU in Pharmaceutical Engineering, the College of Engineering Dean’s Undergraduate Research Initiative (DURI) Program, the VCU Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Summer Fellowship, and the Undergraduate Fellowship for Clinical and Translational Research.

There is also the option of receiving credit for undergraduate research. This can be through CLSE 450: Undergraduate Research in CLSE, ENGR 492: Independent Study or ENGR 497: Vertically Integrated Projects.  More information about the VIP program can be found here.

The Lewinski Research Group strives to do quality science and engineering, to support each member to develop their potential, and to maintain a safe and collegial research environment. We are a diverse group with interdisciplinary research interests. Choosing a research group is an important decision.

What you can expect from me:

Research: I will set the scientific direction for the lab and provide the means to pursue those directions. This includes a safe laboratory, supplies for projects, dedicated time for discussion and guidance, and access to the lab’s protocols, data, and other resources needed to conduct research and be productive.

Teaching and professional development: I will train, advise, and promote you while in my lab. This includes providing career advice, editorial services, opportunities to present and publish research, introductions to others at the university or in the field, and adjusted expectations of time devoted to the lab based on academic or personal needs.

What I expect from you:

Research: You will take responsibility for your project and develop your research and interpersonal skills. This includes routinely updating me on your research progress and challenges, keeping up-to-date with the scientific literature, designing and planning experiments, maintaining detailed lab records and lab notebook, and publishing the research and results.

Academics: You will strive for excellence and maintain integrity in your studies. This includes maintaining a 3.0 GPA or better to remain in my lab, providing an updated schedule every semester, keeping me informed when you will be away by email and via the lab calendar.

What is expected of everyone:

Professionalism: We will constructively contribute to the lab. This includes working safely in the lab, keeping lab protocols up-to-date and accurate, being respectful of and working collegially with others, and upholding the VCU honor code and professional codes of ethics.