Research Question: How is social media positively or negatively affecting the Fashion Forecasting Industry?

Key Words

Intellectual Property AND Social Media

History ANDFashion

Style Forecasting AND Fashion

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Doing research made me realize that I may need to re-think my research question slightly because Fashion Forecasting is highly specialized field. Im thinking about writing on the affects of media on the fashion industry and use fashion forecasting in the body as supporting evidence to my claim. Research number 7 and number 9 I feel will be the two most helpful pieces because number 7 gives background into intellectual property infringement within social and media and number 9 discusses bloggers (non-celebrity endorsements) as means of advertising their clothing.



  1. The idea of bloggers affecting fashion industry is interesting. How does intellectual property infringement intersect with celebrity blogging about fashion? I don’t immediately see the link between the two.
    What is your research question? You didn’t include the revised question, as assigned.

  2. ALSO Noa, you need to add fashion marketing or merchandising to any of your search term combinations. Search:
    blog* OR social media OR twitter AND fashion marketing OR fashion merchandising

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