Concept Experience #6


  1. It has been shown through research that feelings displayed on Facebook are contagious. If you see more positive posts than negative posts, then you start posting more positive posts as well.

This first bullet does not tell what type of research or by whom the research was conducted. In addition they do not elaborate on the type of feeling displayed.

2.There have been studies done on Facebook and all the emotions related to posts. “We have enough power in this data set to show that emotional expressions spread online and also that positive expressions spread more than negative.”

I personally would have liked if it said studies conducted. But in addition to that I still don’t know what research was involved, who the study was targeting.

3. Researchers in a new study have found that feelings displayed on Facebook are contagious. They found enough data to show that “emotional expressions spread online and also that positive expressions spread more than negative.”

This opens with “Researches in a new study”. We don’t know who the researchers are or what the name of the study is. It also gives the results of the study but never what the initial point of the study we can only assume the point of the study was to see how feeling were altered.


After reading the full article there is a distinct difference between the bullets above and #4. Number 4 touches on the main point, who wrote it, and the name of the study. As a reader the other 3 were not horrible but they were not as detailed and you could tell things were missing. Number 3 I could probably read in an article without questioning it but when you compare it to number 4 you can really tell where it is lacking. I appreciate in number 4 that there are no areas where the reader has to assume anything about the article, all the information is given.

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  1. You make good assessments here, but miss some problems with links — such as “contagious” and “positive expressions” — both of which are incorrect. (check them out — unrelated information in the links)

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