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time flying.

Another week another big presentation. I have to make a 4 page comic by the 13th AND write a paper for another class by then. I also have to figure out what I’m presenting on by November 11th. At least… Continue Reading →

This week was about roasting the inferior versions of Little Women! It’s pretty fun, it’s a little break from my usual chaotic schedule. I just finished up two mid terms on Friday and gonna make an apple pie to relax… Continue Reading →

Right now its October 11th. Right now I’m in a calm period before a lot of my stuff it due. Most of it is due this upcoming friday, but that’s ok. I got to sleep in today and yesterday, I… Continue Reading →

Rushing by

Last week was a blur of listening to lectures, presenting big projects for a senior capstone and reading books. On one hand I miss the hecticness of it but I’m glad I get to enjoy the calm after a storm…. Continue Reading →


well I did better on the test than I thought I would. The last third really slipped me up, cuts are fine with me but I have a really hard time trying to count fades. It doesn’t help that this… Continue Reading →


Editing is always one of those behind the scenes things that always seemed like a bigger deal than anything else, it’s one of the first things you notice when its bad. The Mulan remake is a good example of noticeable… Continue Reading →

Moving cameras

I think about what we learned about in class this week, with angles and camera panning, and I think of how I try to make my own stories as cinematic as possible. In my writing I will try to mimic… Continue Reading →


I haven’t heard that term since I was a freshman in high school back in my drama class. I’ve been trying to get back into it since I’ve started writing and illustrating comics on my own hand. That may sound… Continue Reading →

August 23rd 2020

This will be new for me, I’m not quite used to blogging in this style. In the past few months I’ve gotten COVID, watched my dad go to the hospital, almost have to skip a semester and sign up for… Continue Reading →

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