Update on: Sarah Ghose

Sarah is currently in her 2nd year at VCU! Here are some things Sarah has been up to this past year:

-Presented posters on intraindividual sleep variability and social acceptance and on the association between discrimination and sleep in individuals with comorbid chronic health conditions at the 2019 SLEEP conference in San Antonio, TX. She also got her engagement pictures taken on a ranch there!

-Presented a poster on the role of aging attitudes in the association between sleep quality and depression in peri- and postmenopausal women at the 2019 Women’s Health Research Day at VCU

-Served as a student committee member of the education and diversity work group for the task for to examine Individual, Institutional, and Systemic Bias at VCU

-Spent time (probably too much time) watching Netflix/Hulu, playing with her sweet cat Monique, visiting and reading to her cousin’s new baby Kyra, and going to barre class

Update on: Dana Schreiber

Update on: Dana Schreiber

Where in the world is Dana Schreiber? Currently she is jet setting for internship interviews, but here’s what she’s been up to recently!

– She successfully proposed her dissertation in January 2019 and is currently in the midst of data collection for her project entitled, A Microlongitudinal Study of Menopause Symptoms and Problematic Eating in Midlife Women.

– She presented a poster that investigated role stress, stress eating, and weight outcomes in midlife women at the SLEEP 2019 conference with other Chronopsychology lab members in San Antonio, TX.

– She traveled to San Diego in March of 2019 and to the Rivera Maya in October of 2019. She enjoyed exploring, relaxing, and eating lots of good food.

– She spent a lot of her free time FaceTiming and visiting her niece, Morgan (who turned one in July 2019), spending time with her dog Lulu, and taking many spinning classes at CycleBar.

Update on: Morgan Reid

Update on: Morgan Reid

Morgan is in her 3rd year at VCU- time is flying! Here are some things she has been up to in the past year:

– Successfully defended her thesis, “Social Jetlag, Depressive Symptoms, and Longitudinal Outcomes in College Students.” The bottom line- have a regular sleep schedule!

– Presented a poster on health locus of control and sleep at the 2019 SLEEP conference in San Antonio, TX

– Presented a poster on gender differences in sleep timing at the 2019 Women’s Health Research Day at VCU

– Spent lots of time with her 17-month-old niece Kaelynn, who is basically a miniature Superwoman!

Sahar proposes Thesis!

Sahar proposes Thesis!

Sahar successfully proposed her thesis in August 2019 titled “Sleep Behaviors and Thoughts as Links between Social Rhythmicity and Mental Health Outcomes.” Specifically, she is examining these associations in individuals reporting subclinical and clinical levels of anxiety and depression. She will be continually working on this throughout the semester, and plans to defend her thesis this Spring 2020!

Dana proposes her Dissertation!

Dana proposed her Dissertation!

Dana successfully proposed her dissertation in the Fall of 2019-way to go Dana! Her dissertation is investigating how menopause symptoms influence problematic eating behavior in midlife women. She is specifically collecting seven days of daily diary data to examine how daily hot flashes/night sweats, mood changes and sleep concerns influence problematic eating behavior (e.g., binge eating, restrictive eating) in peri- and post-menopause women.

Morgan defended her thesis!

Morgan defended her thesis!

Morgan successfully defended her thesis, “Social Jetlag, Depressive Symptoms, and Longitudinal Outcomes in College Students”, in April 2019. Her study looked at how social jetlag, or inconsistent sleep schedules on workdays and free days, was longitudinally related to depression, GPA, and life satisfaction in VCU undergraduate students. She found that, although social jetlag in students’ junior year predicted depressive symptoms in their senior year! It is important to have a regular sleep schedule for your mental health!

Update on: Ashley MacPherson

Update on: Ashley MacPherson

Ashley is currently in her 3rd year (and can’t believe it) at VCU. She defended her thesis entitled “Bed and breakfast: The role of sleep and affect” in 2019! Because of her interest in dietary behaviors, Ashley’s thesis examined how sleep behaviors and affect were associated with breakfast intake. Here are some other things Ashley has been up to the past year:

  • Presented her poster examining how conceptualizations of beauty are associated with weight bias at the International Conference for Eating Disorders in 2019 in New York City. She thoroughly enjoyed eating churros in Central Park with fellow VCU student, Alex Davies!
  • Presented a poster of her thesis at the 2019 SLEEP conference in San Antonio, TX. IT WAS SO HOT THERE!
  • Received the Leadership Workshop Award at the 2019 SLEEP Conference.
  • Welcomed home a precious rescue pup, Carl. Named after Carl Rogers because he will be loved unconditionally (psych jokes). He is famous for always wearing a bow tie and occasionally gracing us with his presence in lab.

Lab Member, Janna Imel, Begins Recruiting Farmers for Her Dissertation Study!

Janna Imel, M.S. has started the data collection process for her dissertation, “From Sunrise to Sunset: A Lifespan Approach to the Mental Health of America’s Farmers.” Please see her recruitment message below:

“I am currently recruiting farmers ages 18 and older for my dissertation study. The purpose of this research study is to find out about:

(1) farm related stressors faced by American farmers,

(2) how American farmers cope with these stressors, and

(3) how these stressors are associated with the mental and physical wellbeing of American farmers of all ages.

This study will allow us to learn more about farm-related stressors, as well as the mental and physical health, and coping behaviors of America’s farmers. Additionally, this study will identify potential coping strengths in American farmers. In the study, participants will be asked to spend 15-20 minutes completing a questionnaire about farm stressors they face, as well as their health (emotional and physical), and the most common ways they cope with stress. As compensation for participation in the study, participants can elect to be entered into a raffle for 1 of 4 $50 gift cards. Participation in this study is voluntary and participants may freely withdraw from the study at any time. If you are interested in more information about the study or would like a paper survey mailed to you, please contact Janna Imel, M.S. at JLIMEL@VCU.EDU or (606) 465-1576. Alternatively, participants may complete the survey online at this link https://redcap.vcu.edu/surveys/?s=JPX73C9L3X