Update on: Claire Williams

Update on: Claire Williams

-Claire is enjoying her first year here at VCU, and is currently working on her thesis proposal!

-Her poster presentation on sleep, perceived control, and functional limitations in middle aged and older adults was accepted to

the SLEEP 2021 Conference!

-She has spent her free time trying takeout from new restaurants, reading on her porch, going on walks by the James River, and spending time with her newly adopted cat, Eida!

Update on: Morgan Reid

Update on: Morgan Reid

– Morgan successfully passed both components of prelims, meaning she can officially call herself a “doctoral candidate!”

– She is currently completing a practicum conducting cognitive assessments for patients at Massey Cancer Center

– She submitted two first author papers for publication this year and received her first Revise & Resubmit!

– Morgan has been soaking up her time with her nieces, both human and puggle!

Update on: Ashley MacPherson

Update on: Ashley MacPherson

-Ashley successfully completed her Case Study component of her prelims, a huge relief!

-Ashley joined the APA Division 17 Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS) as the co-chair of the Excellence and Innovation pillar. This is the first year SAS has had a National Executive Board and she is excited to meet and work with other Counseling Psychology students across the country!

-Lots of time was spent outside this year! Ashley and her pup Carl became regulars at Byrd Park, Pocahontas Park, and the Capitol Rail Trail.

-Ashley’s dear pup Carl thoroughly enjoyed snoozing in the background for every single meeting, class, and therapy session during these work-from-home times. He should really be recognized for his important work!

Update on: Sahar Sabet

Update on: Sahar Sabet

-Sahar had her first first-authored paper published in the Journal of Affective Disorders!

-She is currently working on another first authored paper that’s focused on refining the subjective assessment of sleep, stay tuned!

-She joined the Primary Care Psychology team in summer 2020, and is currently at VCU Health’s Ambulatory Care Center

-A lot of free time has been spent cooking/experimenting with new dishes, spending time outdoors, taking mini road trips, and giving her pup Mayfield all of the love and attention she deserves 🙂

Update on: Sarah Ghose

Update on: Sarah Ghose

Sarah is currently in their 3rd year in the VCU Counseling Psychology program! Here are some things that Sarah has been up to this past year!

-She got married to her life partner in July 2020 and had a beautiful, socially distanced, COVID wedding!

-She submitted her first first-author paper to a journal and is awaiting feedback!

-They served as a student committee member of the Counseling Psychology Admissions Committee and Marginalized Clinicians Advocating for Intersectional Change (MCAIC).

-They spent a lot of much needed quality time in their home city (Cleveland, OH) with their partner, family, and friends (safely of course)! They have also spent many hours watching Netflix, playing video games, hanging out with their cat Tommie, and thinking about implementing an exercise routine, but never actually getting around to it!

Accepting students fall 2021

Dr. Dautovich is accepting applications for graduate students entering in Fall 2021!


If you’re interested in areas like…

sleep behaviors

older adults

daily routines

health psychology

…consider applying to work with Dr. Dautovich in VCU’s Counseling Psychology program!

Janna graduates

Congratulations to Janna for graduating with her PhD in Counseling Psychology!


Janna has successfully finished the PhD program and APA internship, so we can officially say… Dr. Janna Imel!

Dr. Imel will be staying in Richmond, VA to work as a Community Living Center Psychologist at the Central Virginia Veterans Affairs Medical Center. We are so proud of her 🙂


Claire joins the lab

Welcome to the lab Claire Williams!


We are so happy to have Claire join the Chronopsychology lab.

Claire Williams joined VCU’s Counseling Psychology program in the fall of 2020. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Auburn University. Claire’s research interests include the intersection of mental and physical health, biological and sociocultural factors that affect well-being in older adulthood, and how sleep habits influence adjustment.

Welcome Claire!

Sahar defends thesis!

Sahar defends thesis!

Sahar successfully defended her thesis on April 30th! Her thesis was titled, “Sleep Behaviors and Thoughts as Links between Social Rhythmicity and Mental Health Outcomes.” Her study highlighted the critical role lifestyle regularity plays in both depressive and anxiety symptom pathology. Her findings also highlight the importance of sleep behaviors and sleep-related thoughts by demonstrating their concurrent ties to mental health, as well as their link between regularity and mental health. She is currently busy turning her thesis into a few manuscripts for publication. Great work Sahar!

Figure 1. How to defend a thesis during a pandemic.