The Course

cycling-races-photoThe official period for the course runs from September 8 to October 9. New Media Photojournalism students will be required to communicate online and in person during that period:

  • We will have an introduction class on Sept. 10 at 3:30 p.m. At that time, we will discuss the course expectations, distribute and review the syllabus, look at innovative tools to use, answer questions, and yes…. eat pizza. I will follow up soon with the location for our meeting. Bring your creativity and positive spirit.
  • During Bike Race week (Sept 19 – 27), students will be expected to be ON THE GROUND AND AT THE RACE for a minimum of five event days.  Assignments will be discussed during our September 10 meeting.
  • After the Bike Race (Sept 28 – Oct 9), we will meet as a group to discuss, critique, and celebrate the creativity from your UCI Road World Championship experience.

During the course, students will create, maintain, and share their images publicly through individual photo blogs using Ram Pages. I suggest students create their Ram Pages site prior to our September 10 meeting.

Enrolled students will find additional information on Blackboard.

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