10 Amazing Facts About Our Human Body


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10 Amazing Facts About Our Human Body. (2012, September 19). Retrieved June 17, 2015, from http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/19/10-amazing-human-body-facts.aspx




This article talks about 10 amazing facts about our human body.  Some of the topics include shocking facts like how eating boogers might be healthy, and loneliness is physically painful. This is something that students can enjoy reading apart from the class textbook, and this can be easily accessible to many students. Although the reading level of this article is around 11th grade, the text is straightforward and is very easy to follow because information is separated by headings. The way this article is organized makes it easy to read.


The Flesch-Kincaid formula scored this article at 13.2. This may not be too easy for students who have lower reading comprehension skills.  This article contains information based on a part of students’ daily lives which makes it very relatable. This article will be a good source to build vocabulary skills as terms are defined in context. Each part of the information is organized into two parts: Questions and Answers.  This style helps students to comprehend the text better. The ideas are expressed clearly and the word choice is appropriate.

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This article will be read to the whole class by a teacher. The article is above the reading level of the intended grade; however, the questions are very appealing and will trigger the curiosity of students’ with various reading levels so all students will want to read/hear the answers. This article will be a good resource for students with low reading levels to strengthen their vocabulary and comprehension skills. It is recommended that teachers define vocabulary and explain certain facts that may be not easy for students on a lower reading level.
This article can be printed and posted on a bulletin board for students to view until the unit is over.

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