Starting to Think Through a Mapping Theme with ACF

We’re working with Dr. Nicole Turner on a mapping site that will accompany her upcoming book. There’s a lot of specifics there which we’re considering while trying to walk the fine line where what we make is also something we’ll be able to use with other people down the road. We want to generalize but not too much. I’m sketching out some early thinking here as a way to document it personally and to share it with Jeff (who’s thinking through the javascript side of things).1 Thinking About the Data It seems that any mapping project would have three basic data types– People, Locations, and Events. People because humans are usually important in these scenarios. Locations being important in mapping and events for things that have limited duration. Matt described it well as the Who, When, and Where. Those types could be associated with each other in multiple ways. A person might be associated with various locations and various events. Events might involve various people in various places. If I think too hard I’ll make this more complex. The Custom Post Types & ACF Structure I feel relatively good about those three main types so breaking down the details of what those big boxes should contain was the next consideration. People First Name Middle Name Last Name Title Description/Bio Birth […] […]

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Backdating a Gravity Forms Created Post

This is something that’ll come in handy with forms creating timeline events. You can add a date field to the form and this will change the post date to match it. It might work the other way too, I didn’t try that. Take note of the notes below as this is setup for the date being field one of the form and for the form having ID 5. […]

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Custom Dashboard Styles

We had a network activated plugin throwing a notification across all our site dashboards. We did not wish for this to happen any longer. So this was added to a network activated plugin. The first part enqueues a css script for the dashboard. The CSS makes the message hidden. The css targets a particular element that’s something like what you see below. I wondered if css could target things based on data attribute values and it can. […]

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