2nd grade Fantasy Unit

2nd grade Fantasy Unit


My text set is for an upcoming unit I’ll be doing with 2nd graders on Fantasy. I chose this because I noticed a lack of engaging books in our book room in this genre. I have chosen books that I can use for read-alouds, guided reading, and for independent reading. We will be studying different comprehension strategies, using graphic organizers to compare and contrast characters, stories, and main ideas, and looking at fantasy vs. realism. I have tried to select books that would be of interest to both the girls and boys based on what I have noticed about the types of books they tend to select for themselves and gravitate towards. This text set aligns with SOL 2.8 and our county curriculum guidelines for genre studies for 2nd grade.

Description of Students

I work with second graders that are reading on level D-K, but I am collaborating with one of the second grade teachers whose students read on levels D-P. So, I have compiled a selection of books that are for our students that are below, on, and above grade level for their independent reading and guided reading groups.

Targeted SOLs


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