A Soldier’s Life in the Civil War


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<span style="font-weight: 400;">This nonfiction text is about a soldier’s life during the Civil War. The text covers all the major aspects from the Civil War through the soldier’s eyes. This text is engaging because it will help give the students another perspective of the Civil War. Also, there are several images that will help the students visualize the story of the Civil War. </span>


I identified this text as a Fry Readability Graph Reading Level early 9.

Use in Class

This text’s readability is too high for my students. I will use this text as another resource when completing the spy activity. This text has a chapter on spies during the Civil War. I will read this text whole group and allow the students to get a better understanding of how spies were used in the Civil War. I will pair this book with the other text with activities on Civil War. This text also has a very good map that I will share with my students. I will display this map on the board using the document camera. The standard that will be paired with this text is VS.7 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the issues that divided our nation and led to the Civil War by describing the roles of American Indians, whites, enslaved African Americans, and free African Americans. This will be used in the Assistance phase of PAR.

Unit Focus

Social Studies

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