Ceasar Chavez: Champion and Voice of Farmworkers

Slade, Suzanne

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Cesar Chavez is an important famous American that third grade students must learn about. They must know that Cesar was the champion and voice of farm workers. The book Cesar Chavez: Champion and Voice of Farm workers is a book about the life of Chavez. It is told in a narrative form using cartoon drawings. The books starts with Cesar being a boy about the age of my students. This book would help students that are reading above grade level, the vocabulary used in the book would be new to the students which would insight good conversations about the work of farm workers.


I identified this book with a Flesh-Kincaid level of 5.9.

Use in Class

This text would be used in a literature circle. The students would each have a role for the literature circle and gather together to discuss the text. This would provide great discussion for the students.

Unit Focus

History, Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies

Submitted by Phaedra Boyd

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