Civil War


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<span style="font-weight: 400;">This text covers all the important topics during the Civil War. It discusses the issues that lead to the Civil War. It also goes into detail about how the country divided. The texts also states what the war was really like during this time. </span>


I identified this text as a Fry Readability Graph Reading Level 8.5.

Use in Class

There are many ways I could use this text in my classroom. If I were to let students read this independently, I would only allow my high readers to use this text. Instead, I will be using this text as a read aloud. I will read the class the chapter about “The Real War”. The fact that the chapter is called “The Real War” is engaging for the students. They will get an idea of what the war was really like for these soldiers. Another way to engage the text would be to get the students divided in the classroom. I would set up the class as the North and South as I am reading. I will present the question, “How might you have actually felt during this time?” Then, after reading, I will allow the sides to discuss the issues. This book helps cover the standard VS.7 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the issues that divided our nation and led to the Civil War by explaining the major events and the differences between northern and southern states that divided Virginians and led to secession, war, and the creation of West Virginia; and describing Virginia’s role in the war, including identifying major battles that took place in Virginia. This will be used in the Assistance and Reflection phase of PAR.

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