“¿Cómo viven los chicos españoles?”

“¿Cómo viven los chicos españoles?”

  • This text discusses how young people in Spain live. It discusses the school, home and social lives of young people and how they vary during the week and on the weekend.
    • This relates to the content area of daily routines because it focuses on young people and students. This makes it easier for students to compare routines.
    • This text is targeted towards all students in Spanish 2. Based on the content of the text, it would be targeted towards novice-low readers, but the content would be engaging to all students.
      • Because this text is a bit easier to read and has a lot of Spanish 1 vocabulary and cognates, students will more easily be able to understand this text.
  • The content will help engage students because students enjoy discussing their personal/social lives.


  • Based on the Fry Graph modification used, this text marks in the middle of a 6th grade reading level. Based on the previously learned vocabulary and cognates, this text would be ideal for novice-low readers.
    • Passage 1: 198 syllables, 6 sentences
    • Passage 2: 193 syllables, 7.5 sentences
      • Average: 196 syllables – 67 syllables à 130 syllables, 6.75 sentences

Use in Class:

  • Because this text isn’t as difficult or dense as some of the others, this text could be done independently in class or at home as homework. If not used in class, this text could also be given to novice-low students who need extra practice to strengthen their reading comprehension skills.
    • Because this text has such a low readability, I would use this with all students as a basis for knowledge. To ensure that students can comprehend a novice-low reading, students will:
      • read the text independently and identify cognates
  • answer comprehension questions to assess reading comprehension
  • This text would be used in the Preparation stage of the PAR lesson framework. It would be a formative reading assessment that would be building background knowledge for a comparative summative that would come later in the quarter.


  • Vargas Bonilla, A. (n.d.). ¿Cómo viven los chicos españoles?”. Retrieved from ¡Qué chévere! Level 1. EMC Publishing. http://emc.bookshelf.emcp.com/file/book/QC1_PE_v3/

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