“Comparing Daily Routines”

“Comparing Daily Routines”

  • This was another teacher created text. Again, this was created with novice-low readers in mind but the task it was created for is geared towards students at the novice-mid level. The learning scenario for this text is a student coming to you as a host student/family. It is giving information about the student, his family and his schedule so that the student can understand the cultural similarities and differences before the exchange student arrives.
    • This relates to the content area because we again pulled directly from the CCPS Spanish 2 curriculum when creating this reading and assignment. It incorporates Unit 1 vocabulary and grammar principles.
    • This is targeting all students. While the reading itself is novice-low, students are then asked to compare and contrast their routine to the Roberto’s routine. So while the reading is at a novice-low level, the task is more directed to novice-mid.
  • This reading will help them learn the content because it is rich in Unit 1 vocabulary and grammar.
  • Like the reading on Eduardo’s daily routine, this will engage students because it should help boost their confidence when it comes to reading comprehension.


  • Based on the Fry Graph modification, this text marks at a 3rd grade reading level. I do not agree with the readability of this text based on that formula. I think that because it was teacher created, the length of sentences vary because we were trying to assist in understanding. I think that this affected the readability because the number of sentences was higher than texts written by native speakers.
    • Passage 1: 217 syllables, 14.3 sentences
    • Passage 2: 186 syllables, 12 sentences
      • Average: 201.5 syllables – 67 syllables à 134.5 syllables, 13.15 sentences

Use in Class:

  • In the class, this text is used as a formative reading comprehension/interpretive writing assessment. Students have to take the text and use it to reproduce a Venn Diagram with new information about their routines.
    • This text is targeted to novice-low readers and novice-mid writers.  With this assessment, students will:
      • read independently
      • complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting their day to Roberto’s day
  • This text would be used in the Preparation stage of the PAR lesson framework. It would be a formative reading assessment that would be building background knowledge for a comparative summative that would come later in the quarter. It would also be used in the Reflection stage as well because students are being asked to extend the reading experience and then being evaluated.


  • Created by the 2015-2016 Spanish 2 PLC (Erika Morris, Nadia Hassan, and Carrie Williams) at James River High School.

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