Designer drugs hit dangerous lows to bring new highs

Baggaley, Kate

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New designer drugs have been introduced to our culture we need to educate our children on these new synthetic drugs that could cause serious health issues. This article shows the new drugs names and what general side effect. These new drugs like it or not are here and students knowledge on them is very important because they are very dangerous and can cause major problems. Not only are these drugs chemically created they aren’t even tested through the fda so people are the guinea pigs for these psychoactive drugs which means who knows what the long term effects are. Educating students on the effects might make them think twice about trying a new one and might save their lives. Staying up to date with these designer drugs is key to prevention of them spreading and creating a potentially epidemic in the next generation of people.


The Readability on this journal entry is a 10.7 according to the Flesch-Kincaid scale meaning it is appropriate for 10th graders. The 16 sentences sigmate plucked from the text shows a 4.7 character per word count along with a 19.6 word per sentence count and a 1.6 syllable count as well which should be just fine for the 10th graders.

Use in Class

We would cover this information in class along with the more traditionally abused drugs. The students would be asked to find a up to date article on one designer drug and summarize the article and explain why it is important to become aware of these new drugs and turn in as home work or an exit ticket. I could also quiz them to assess the knowledge of the students or create some sort of project design or give them a choice between a range of assignments including a test, project, essay, speech, and provide guidelines to each.

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