Drug abuse

Drug abuse


This text set will be composed of ten items related to drug abuse and the prevention methods associated with the negative long and short term effects along with the strain it puts on is community. The intention of this set will be to expand the knowledge of the students on this information along with interesting them to make a personal agenda on the issue at hand. There is some first hand experiences included in this sets along with a plethora of information on the subject at hand and how it will negatively impact a young person as well as a lifetime.

Description of Students

10th graders on a general track

Targeted SOLs

Knowledge and Skills 10.1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of health concepts, behaviors, and skills that reduce health risks and enhance the health and wellness of self and others throughout life. Key concepts/skills include c) The effects of tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, and other drug use. Community Health and Wellness 10.5 The student will evaluate how different types of behaviors impact the family and community. Key concepts/skills include b) The outcome of drinking and driving; g) The negative influence of teenage drug and alcohol use on younger members of the community.

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