Drugs: Shatter the Myth


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Drugs: Shatter The Myths. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Rockville, MD: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2011.




This text is directed toward teens and uses picture, testimonials, statistics, and a number of other methods to paint a picture to students that drugs aren’t cool, and that use and abuse can lead to serious consequences not only limited to your own body but other people and law enforcement as well. The reading is separated by topics that range from medical problems, to Rx drugs, to fact about the effects on the brain. I chose this text because i think it really reach out to teens and is a easier read but cover the information that needs to be covered. It has a lot of support within the text that include testimonials, facts, and quizzes


This text is directed toward teens so the readability reflects that with a 8.1 score. The reading itself is around 30 pages and isn’t in a traditional format. The sample i took from the text showed a 4.2 character per word , 1.3 syllables per word and 18 word sentence structure. The way this text is set up i feel as if it wouldn’t scare the student who might be the best reader or has problems comprehending text but also challenges the higher level readers with out boring them. The information is formatted to be presented in a manner that students draw their own conclusions and connect information to one another.

Use in Class

I would use this as a discussion assignment with either a jot chart on specific pages and present them to other groups as a expert on the subject. Then quiz them on the information discussed.

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