Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation


This text covers material for the Algebra Based PHYS202 General Physics II college class, in particular, it focuses on electromagnetic radiation from its common perception as visible light ranging from red to violet (colors in the rainbow) to the parts of the spectrum that are not visible for humans, i.e. low energy infrared, microwaves, and radio waves; and high energy ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays.

It spans over the historical findings that lead to our actual description of the electromagnetic radiation, the equations that describe its physical properties (velocity, wavelength, and frequency), the ways it is produced, and its applications in our daily life (medical, communication, lightning, food heating, etc.)

I chose the items for the test to provide additional material to reinforce/enrich the content taught and to interest students in the topic.  It includes a variety of texts: books at different reading levels from introductory to more advanced, videos, and online simulations.


Description of Students

My classes are second year college students with an expected reading level of 12 – 13. It includes students form diverse majors: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pre-Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Forensic Sciences, etc. In addition, I have international students for which English is their second language, and which sometimes have a lower reading level.

Targeted SOLs

SOLs do not apply for these classes

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