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This passage <em>Presidential Profile: George Washington</em> targets the Social Studies SOL 3.11b. The students that it will address are the above grade level readers. These readers who know the basics that are required to be learned in 3<sup>rd</sup> grade and need more information. They will be engaged with this text because it answers many of those reflective questions that they have while reading regular material on George Washington. This text gives more information as to George Washington’s contribution to America.


This text has a readability level of 9.3 according to the Flesch-Kincaid formula.

Use in Class

This text will be used in a small group of above grade level readers. They will work with instructional support on the reflect section of PAR. This group of learners should be able to read this passage and ask questions about the passage to extend the lesson.

Unit Focus

English, Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies

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